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Thanksgiving time

Today is my birthday, and because we went out to celebrate yesterday, I gave myself a day to play…I had coffee and answered the phone, talked to my mother, friends and to my kids as for the rest of the day, I did nothing but visiting other blogs, I discovered some magical places, and joined the Red Art Project too…I fixed my pages, uploading new art and made a batch of polymer faces. I also worked on those items I will be giving away on my PIF exchange.

This is my favorite time of the year, my mother’s is Spring, and I can see why, she likes new growth, I love the changes of color and the cooling off, the moon is so amazing, and somehow my spirit soars during this time of the year. I feel warm and friendly and ready to share and give things away…somehow I feel more generous and in the spirit of abundance, my creativity is in constant motion.

Perhaps the memories come more vivid during my birthday, because it is so close to Dia de los muertos!

Last night I had a hard time sleeping, I wanted to get up and start my day. I feel very blessed today.



Born in Tulancingo, Hidalgo (a town near Mexico City) Griselda began her formal training under the guidance of her mother, Kasandra Martell. Her brother, Arturo Tello, is also a gifted artist. Griselda's art represents over 40 years of painting and teaching experience. The moments she captures on canvas convey the magical time of day when objects are most apparent and evoke a sense of peace and being transported into a place of gentle beauty. Griselda is an avid student of sacred art and mystical traditions; from these themes she finds inspiration for her paintings and soft sculptures. Paintings and other works of art in this site are my own originals. All rights reserved © 2014

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